Worldwide Digital Release: Pu2ma and Vuyo Tyolo

In less than a month after the release of Pu2ma and Vuyo Tyolo debut album, their album is now available for digital purchase and download in countries such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands,Sweden, Spain, Italy,
Norway, Denmark, Poland, Greece, South Africa, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Portugal.

This is great news for both these artists who, between the two of them have already dominated major jazz festivals between June and September in and around Gauteng and are already on the Top 40 on Kaya Fm whilst enjoying massive air play on most radio stations in the country.

Vuyo Tyolo

Vuyo Tyolo is one of the greatest new young voices on the SA music scene. His 10-track debut album is a rich mixture of Afro-Neo-Soul, fused with Ragga, Etho-Trad and Jazz. Vuyo Tyolo is a powerful, energetic live performer, whose extraordinary voice sets him apart from his contemporaries.This singer-songwriter is also a multi-instrumentalist with keyboard / piano being his main instrument – he is a truly unique talent, destined for a long career in the music industry.


Pu2ma’s sensational voice is unique and reflective of a spiritual, earthy and soulful sensitivity with afro-jazzy undertones that is distinctly African – call it Ethno-Trendy – extending her appeal to an international / world music audience. Since appearing on Joburg’s performance circuit as a backing vocalist for some of the most established artists, Pu2ma has commanded a presence on stage that exhibits an artist of stature.