Joy to those who have patiently waited for a voice so new, innocent, pure and so refreshing coming out of these shores. South Africa’s own, NAzania, brings a new twist to music and songwriting coupled with her ethnocentric, soulful and yet so global voice.

She is not of Kerma, Meroe nor Kush Kingdoms but she is of the Kingdom of Phunga no Mageba and  ‘N’ stands for Nubia – where it all began, and Azania represents a country in the southern tip of mother Africa, that never got its name. Adopted the name Nazania from the word Azania which refers to all the people of Africa; to mother Africa, the supreme force that binds us all to the continent in a magical way – thus as in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya”.

Therefore, Nazania is here to carve a name for herself as the most accomplished singer songwriter with a voice unmatched.

Having waited for this moment after years of being a silent and admiring observer as songstress after songstress took turns in the music scene, N’Azania has confirmed that South Africa has not seen the last of talented singers.

Nazania was selected to be part of the group of musicians appointed by the National Department of Arts and Culture in South Africa to perform at fan parks in Germany during 2006 World Cup.

In 2011 she started composing and recording her own music in preparation for her forth-coming album due to be released in July 2013 titled Spirit Within. Nazania’s music is deeply African yet contemporary and what she refers to as World music.

Nazania’s time has come; and, indeed it was worth waiting for.