Vuyo Tyolo

Vuyo Tyolo – One of the freshest and powerful voices to emerge out these shores in the past few years, Vuyo brings a different aspect into South African music with a mixture of afro-soul fussed with ragga and ethno-trad and a touch of jazz. His comfort behind the mic and his dynamic command of his voice allows him to traverse with ease into his world of music.

Vuyo’s vocal and stage performance explores classic soul and jazz idioms whilst injecting a living, breathing presence into what are already time-tested genres which he freely renders with such ease, brilliance and distinction. Vuyo’s willingness to challenge musical orthodoxy by fusing and mixing more than two genres in a song sets himself apart from the more contemporary sounds of his counterparts.

The range, and the incredible tone and timbre of his voice is almost magical.

Vuyo Tyolo – LIVE