Driemanskap Finally Finds a Home at Native Rhythms



After a concerted social network campaign that started almost 3 years back by fans urging Native Rhythms to sign the Cape Town hip-hop outfit, Driemanskap, the two parties have finally concluded and signed an exclusive artist and management agreement, which will see the group releasing an EP in the next month.

Whilst most hip-hop artists are releasing ‘turn up songs’ and club bangers, Driemanskap is the vanguard of the new generation of South African rap artists unperturbed by the mainstream showbiz other than their love for what makes them different – the Spaza sound and movement that represents Cape Town’s unique rhyme style that combines isiXhosa, with English and Cape Flats slang,

In 2001 the Cape Flats township of Gugulethu gave birth to a force of nature that would come to be known as Driemanskap. This 4-man crew, made up of members El Nino, Ma-B, Redondo and Dla, has gone from strength to strength, driving crowds crazy with their high energy, hurricane-like performances.

Driemanskap release its EP – Journey of a Solider on 31 July on iTunes and the single Rathathatha on 17 July.